Puppy Dog Tales

Being an animal lover, I have been surrounded by a variety of animals my whole life.  Opossums, skunks, raccoons and coyotes were regular visitors, when I was a child.  Later, my family had the pleasure of raising an opossum baby.  Possums are very passive animals.  If you see one & it hisses at you, it is scared & won’t hurt you.  Possums are one of the few animals that DO NOT carry rabies.  If it appears dead, it could be playing “possum”! A great mechanism to trick you into leaving it alone.  Do not allow your dogs to attack these animals.  Check out opossumsocietyus.org  for further information.

Do not buy dogs or cats in pet stores!

I am against buying dogs & cats from “pet stores”.  Most pets from these establishments are bred in what is known as “Puppy Mills”.  Many of the dogs are left in cages for breeding purposes alone. “20/20” will occasionally run a show on the horrible conditions most animals have to live under in a “Puppy Mill”.  You can rescue a wonderful pet at your local shelter, rescue group for a specific breed or go online to visit PetFinder.com.  If you want a specific breed, research a reputable & professional, AKC breeder.  The breeder should be more interested in you, as the new pet parent, then your money.

Do your research.

Too many dogs end up in shelters. And hundreds more are put to death on a daily basis due to over crowding.  It’s too easy to buy a cute, fuzzy dog at your local pet store in the mall.

Don’t do it.  Put an end to Puppy Mills!

Do The Right Thing, Rescue a Dog or Cat.

Isabella, Sage & Scout: Three heartbeats at my feet!