Services & Prices

Personalized Facials

European Facial:  $90.

Oxygen Treatment:  $65.

MicroDermaBrasion & Oxygen Treatment:  $160.

Oxygen Mist (add on)  $30.        

Blue &/or Red LED light (add on to any facial or sugaring service)          

Crystal Free Diamond Tip  $110.     

MicroDermabrasion Treatment  $160.      

Blueberry Smoothie  $120.  

Purity Acne Treatment  $120.     

– Purity Treatment on Back  $165.   

Blueberry Jessner Peel  $130.               

– Blueberry Jessner Peel on Back  $170.    

**Timeless Anti-Aging Treatment Peel  (Consult needed).  $195.    

Description of Facial Treatments

European Facial:  The basic regimen for healthy skin incorporates cleansing, purification, exfoliation, extractions & hydration of the skin. Relaxation treatments include a neck, arm and facial massage followed by a hand massage.

MicroDermebrasion Treatment:  Regain the glow of healthy skin!   By use of aluminum oxide crystals & liquid enzymes, unwanted, damaged skin cells are sloughed off with amazing results.  An added facial buffing is included with the “Diamond Tip”.  Microdermabrasion can reduce fine lines, acne & hyperpigmentation (sun spots/Pregnancy mask).  Oxygen, a natural bactericide, lessens the potential for infection, inflammation & redness.  It naturally plumps & calms your skin.  Included in this treatment, is the blue &/or red light.  The red light for collagen boosting, anti-aging & repairing of cells.  The blue light is an anti-bacterial & an anti-inflammatory; mostly used to help combat acne.

Oxygen Mist:  Using the Echo2 system, pure oxygen diffuses with minerals & vitamins A, ester C & E.  Oxygen is a natural bactericide & lessens the potential for infection, inflammation & redness.  Excellent for the post-laser,  chemical peel,  surgery,  or skin that is dehydrated/dry as it is regenerative & healing.  Plumping & calming are further attributes.

Diamond Tip:  Exfoliates, buffs & polishes the skin, using pave diamonds.

Blueberry Smoothie Peel:  A gentle peel that lightly exfoliates without irritation.  Great for dull, mild acne, aging skin and congested pores.  This is a client favorite!  The texture of your skin will look amazing.  No peeling with this peel.

Purity Peel:  This powerful & “stimulating” peel combats acne & oil & keeps it at bay!  This blend of acids helps clear blemishes & congested skin & reduces inflammation.  You will notice a dramatic difference with clearer & smoother skin.  No peeling with this peel.

Blueberry Jessner Peel:  Effective on acne prone & mature skin.  Minimizes fine lines, blemishes & discolored skin with less downtime & discomfort than traditional peels.  Peeling with this peel depending on how many swipes of the peel you choose to do.

Timeless Peel:  This is one of 2 peels that require some prep work with a “prep kit” from Cosmedix.  This is a highly concentrated & deep anti-aging peel.  It reduces signs of aging by treating fine lines, scarring, wrinkles & sun damage.  Encourages healthy skin turnover, growth & renewal, aggressively works to exfoliate the dead skin cells, & smooths the texture in your complexion.  Deep peeling with this peel.


** Please give 24 hours notice when canceling /re-scheduling your appointment to avoid being charged.
** Not recommended for clients using Retin-A, Renova, Accutane, & or persons with diabetes or pregnancy.

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